How to move your Linux wordpress site to Windows Server

  When I first asked to migrate a linux based wordpress site to windows server, I was really wicked. Because there was plenty of challenges in front of me,  Site is up and live, I shouldn’t down the site for long time. WordPress, Mysql and all PHP stuffs goes well with linux but not with […]

Optimize the website to load fast

Website load time is very important factor which even decides the revenue of the business. Statistical data tells that high-speed loading websites have a quantifiable result on revenue and user experience. Everyone hates a slow loading websites and applications. Though we have several programming scripts like PHP,, JSP etc., but the browsers understands only […]

SEO – Meta details from list of URLS

This is a simple tool which was particularly built for my friend who is a great SEO tech. His nature of work involves visiting various links and preparing a excel with the meta description(keywords), title of that link. So we planned for building a tool which can automatically grab all the meta and title information […]