Optimize the website to load fast

Website load time is very important factor which even decides the revenue of the business. Statistical data tells that high-speed loading websites have a quantifiable result on revenue and user experience. Everyone hates a slow loading websites and applications. Though we have several programming scripts like PHP, asp.net, JSP etc., but the browsers understands only HTML, Javascipt and the CSS nothing else. Browser is not smart as we are 😉 . The browser never cares about your programming language or the database we use. No matter what technologies we use the web server just takes your server side code and generates simple mark up language (HTML). So the optimization can be done in server side and client side to make a website load fast.


  1. Optimizing the server side  (to reduce the webserver execution time)
  2. Optimizing client side  (HTML, Javascript, CSS, Images)

The recommended size of the web page is less than 1MB.

How to optimize the website to load fast?

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