Let me load – Jquery plugin to stop interacting user with the loading web page

According to Google the average loading speed of a website is 6 – 8 seconds. Just think what the user do with with 6 seconds ? Do you think user will stay calm the website to load fully ? Not at all. Though i’m a webmaster i never keep my patience 😉 I use to click the links or drag something or mouse hover, definetly i will do something with the poor partially loading website. In turns before loading completely the page redirects me to somewhere or it reacts to my actions very weirdly.

This happens to us many times. When you use a web application the interaction with partially loading web page, sometime leads to crashing the website. The funniest thing happens when you try filling partially loading online form. Most of the time the value you enter gets vanished after loading completely. This really frustrates us, when you are in slow connectivity this could happen many times.

I’m trying to give some universal solution.

Why don’t we show the website only it loads completely ? Oh that is weird, i never see a white screen for 6 seconds. Ok alright i should see the page loading but i shouldn’t interact with the website until it loads completely. Gotcha

Ok. Let us have a translucent image which can overlay on the entire partially loading website which can restrict the user from interacting with the website and keep a loading rota tor image on the middle. This is purely experimental try.


Wow it is working out for me. What next create a plugin instead of using junk of code and post it on GitHub to learn how to write a better code 😉 .
So jquery.letmeload.js is a jquery plugin which can stops the user interaction with the loading webpage without affecting the view of the website.

Example – letmeload.html